Tribute Straps by Jeff Mosby

These straps are an answer to a steady stream of requests over the years to do them. The Waylon design is based on one of his personal straps. The white buckstitched edge is done with Kangaroo lace, the same type that I use on my guitar covers.

 The John Denver Strap is based on many hours of research and hitting the pause button while watching the Wildlife Concert DVD. I was very pleased when I was contacted by the John Denver archives and was informed that it was the most accurate one they had ever seen. The strap is available with either a machine stitched edge or a hand laced edge like the original. It is also available as an adjustable strap or a fixed length like the original.

Waylon Jennings Strap

This strap is $1,450.00 for a standard 48″ strap.
This strap features highly detailed, hand carved leaves and lettering. The paint and dye are meticulously applied to achieve the utmost in detail and precision. The perimeter is buckstitched with white Kangaroo lace. The back of the strap is lined with suede and features a genuine sheepskin shoulder pad.

John Denver Strap

The strap is available in the following configurations:
Machine stitched, adjustable or fixed length- Starting at $375.00
Hand laced, adjustable or fixed length – Starting at $625.00